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GITGet in Touch
GITGastrointestinal Tract
GITGeorgia Institute of Technology
GITGNU Interactive Tools
GITGet It Together
GITGuitar Institute of Technology (Los Angeles, CA)
GITGeneric Identifier Transport (Sprint-ATM)
GITGeographic Information Technology
GITGoods in Transit
GITGlobal Interface Table
GITGroup Inclusive Tour (travel industry)
GITGeologist in Training
GITGeeks in Town (Nirvana lyrics)
GITGeek in Training
GITGamer's Internet Tunnel (network software)
GITGroupement des Infirmières du Travail
GITGlobe Institute of Technology
GITGender Integrated Training
GITGazehounds in Texas
GITGeneral Information Test
GITGoddess in Training
GITGentleman In Training
GITGlobal Interactive Technology Pte Ltd
GITGalvanic Isolation Transformer
GITGuzman Institute of Technology
GITGhetto Institute of Technology
GITGeospatial Information Technology
GITGang Impact Team (US FBI)
GITGraduate Institute of Technology (University of Arkansas at Little Rock)
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Cycligent provides Cycligent Git Tool free of charge in order to highlight its cloud offering.
For association of GIT helminthes with different risk factors, Fisher's exact test and Pearson's Chi-square test were applied using GraphPad Prism software (Ver.
ECHO journalist Peter Guy, founder of the GIT Award, said: "I first saw Taya in the upstairs loft of the Barfly several years ago; she was raw, completely fresh and slightly unaware of her own ability.
Most common lesion in the GIT was by chronic non-specific gastric ulcer in 24 of the all 60 biopsies (40%) diagnosed.
GitHub is a free git repository hosting service that caters to a large online community representing diverse disciplines.
In proposing for a 5 percent GIT, De Lima said that PEZA has also considered the issue of maintaining a level playing field for all investors in the country whether they are inside the export economic zone, domestic economic zone or outside of these ecozones.
GIT has been built on the strength of an old company (Gaumont's consolidated revenues still largely come from its film division, though GIT gave its parent a big boost in 2013), and takes Gaumont into new territory by adapting independent film financing models for TV shows.
GIT Satellite Communications has launched the Iridium Approved-X-Track Location based system (LBS) using the Iridium Extremeâ satellite phone eco-system.
DSU GIT realized this problem first hand through our experiences with Hurricane Katrina and has contributed to the development of a standardized way of producing letter-size map sheets based on the U.
Bacteriocins and fatty acids are just two examples of pharmabiotic substances which may contribute to probiotic functionality within the mammalian GIT.