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GJB2Gap Junction Protein, Beta2
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14,15] In the GJB2 gene, two likely pathogenic mutations were detected in two unrelated Cameroonian participants, g.
Few mutations in GJB2, GJB6 or GJA1 genes among other populations of African ancestry
Our report and review of the literature confirmed that GJB2 gene is of little significance in non-syndromic hearing loss in populations of African descent (Table 1).
Prevalance of GJB2 mutations in prelingual deafness in the Greek population.
Progressive hearing loss, and recurrent sudden sensorineural hearing loss associated with GJB2 mutations-phenotypic spectrum and frequencies of GJB2 mutations in Austria.
Frequencies of GJB2 mutations in German control individuals and patients showing sporadic non-syndromic hearing impairment.
The GJB2 gene that encodes a protein called connexin 26 was demonstrated to be associated with 25% to 50% of the cases of hereditary deafness in Western countries, as well as in countries around the Mediterranean Sea.
a leading provider of molecular diagnostics, today announced it signed a licence agreement with Institut Pasteur that grants Nanogen exclusive rights in Europe to certain patents and patent applications relating to detection of mutations in the GJB2 gene for the diagnosis of hereditary deafness.