GJDGreat Japanese Dog
GJDGeum Jan Di (South Korean TV character; Boys Over Flowers)
GJDGlucose Journal and Database
GJDGeocentric Julian Day (astronomy)
GJDGroup Join Delay (technology)
GJDGrand Junior Deacon (Freemason title)
GJDGastric Juice Diversion
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We are delighted to have XR808 on public display at Cosford and indebted to GJD Services for all their dedication and professionalism in making this a reality.
GJD specialises in the design and manufacture of detectors which trigger CCTV cameras.
Smith GJD, Vijaykrishna D, Ellis TM, Dyrting KC, Leung YHC, Bahl J, et al.
Kirk GJD (2002) Modeling root-induced solubilization of nutrients.
de Jong MD, Thanh TT, Khanh TH, Hien VM, Smith GJD, Chau NV, et al.
We also acknowledge the foresight of Dr Geoff Clarke, Dr John Weekes, and Dr Karl Donovan who (in conjunction with GJD and KYL) established the ICU database, Alexie Stoney (Western Australian Data Linkage unit) who performed the linkage of patient records and hazel Cowie (ICU clerical assistant) for assistance with ICu coding query resolution.
Bellamy PH, Loveland PJ, Bradley R[, Lark RM, Kirk GJD (2005) Carbon losses from all soils across England and Wales 1978 2003.
Trolove SN, Hedley MJ, Kirk GJD, Bolan NS, Loganathan P (2003) Progress in selected areas of rhizosphere research on P acquisition.
OTC Bulletin Board: EXCL) today reported that plans to acquire up to one million shares of Excal common shares through GJD Partners, L.
Hedley MJ, Kirk GJD, Santos MB (1994) Phosphorus efficiency and the forms of soil phosphorus utilised by upland rice cultivars.
OTC Bulletin Board: EXCL) today reported that it has signed a non-binding Letter of Intent with GJD Partners, L.