GJDGreat Japanese Dog
GJDGeum Jan Di (South Korean TV character; Boys Over Flowers)
GJDGlucose Journal and Database
GJDGeocentric Julian Day (astronomy)
GJDGroup Join Delay (technology)
GJDGrand Junior Deacon (Freemason title)
GJDGastric Juice Diversion
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We are delighted to have XR808 on public display at Cosford and indebted to GJD Services for all their dedication and professionalism in making this a reality.
Reyes LD, Molina GJD, Oropeza RMA, Moreno PEC (2004) Cruzas dialelicas entre lineas autofecundadas de maiz derivadas de la raza tuxpeno.
GJD specialises in the design and manufacture of detectors which trigger CCTV cameras.
Oburger E, Kirk GJD, Wenzel WW, Puschenreiter M, Jones DL (2009) Interactive effects of organic acids in the rhizosphere.
Cardinale E, Perrier GJD, Tall F, Gueye EF and G Salvat Risk factors for contamination of ready-to-eat street-vended poultry dishes in Dakar, Senegal.
Dias, FMV, F Vincent, G Pell, JAM Prates, MSJ Centeno, LE Tailford, LMA Ferreira, CMGA Fontes, GJD Davies and HJ Gilbert, 2004.
Chart 1: FY 2008 Concentration of Resources by Country Category and Objective 2008 Country Category by Objective Including Projected FY 2008 MCC Disbursements Governing Justly Peace and and Investing in Security Democratically People Rebuilding 35% 18% 16% Developing 34% 6% 40% Transforming 6% 3% 52% Sustaining 76% 1% 21% Restricted 2% 63% 16% Regional 13% 12% 36% Global 16% 3% 34% Economic Humantarian Growth Assistance Rebuilding 20% 11% Developing 18% 1% Transforming 38% 0% Sustaining 1% 0% Restricted 8% 11% Regional 38% 1% Global 7% 41% Chart 2: Allocations to Objectives by Year, including projected FY 2008 MCC disbursements (in $ Millions) PS 06 08 GJD 06 08 IIP 06 08 EG 06 08 HA 06 08 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Tender notice number : ELS/406/S/7/Washing/of linens/GMO & GJD
GJD Engineering Solutions LimitedCompany No: 426294 Companies Acts 2014 I, the undersigned, being the Sole Member for the time being of the above-named Company entitled to receive notice of and to attend and vote at General Meetings hereby pass the following Resolution as a Special Resolution and agree that the said Resolution shall, pursuant to Section 196 of the Companies Act 2014 and the Constitution, for all purposes be as valid and effective as if same had been passed at a General Meeting of the Company duly convened and held.
Kirk GJD, Nye PH (1991) A model of ammonia volatilization from applied urea.