GLAPGate Line Attendance Point (London Underground)
GLAPGreat Lakes Action Plan (Canada)
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GLAP has approved of the above transactions in its capacity as a shareholder in BRL and as a consequence of such approval, the documents that GLAP will enter into are: 1.
Cumulative premium payments cannot exceed the greater of the GSP or the sum of the GLAPs.
Cruise Climb +3[degrees] 34" 2600 rpm Clean High Cruise -1[degrees] 32" 2400 rpm Clean Cruise Descent -[degrees] 29" 2100 rpm Clean Low Cruise +1[degrees] 25" 2100 rpm Clean Approach Descent 0[degrees] 18" 2600 rpm Apch glaps Gear down Approach Level +3[degrees] 25" 2600 rpm Apch glaps Gear down Rate of Airspeed Climb Cruise Climb 110 KIAS +800 fpm High Cruise 160 KIAS 0 fpm Cruise Descent 160 KIAS -500 fpm Low Cruise 125 KIAS 0 fpm Approach Descent 100 KIAS 500 fpm Approach Level 100 KIAS 0 fpm