GLAROGreat Lakes/Atlantic Regional Office (Ann Arbor, MI)
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Glaros AG, Glass EG, Hayden WJ, History of treatment reccived by patients with TMD: a preliminary investigation.
Polacek, Fitzmaurice, Sharma, Kennedy, and Glaros (1996), in their study of compliance with follow-up appointments for children released from the emergency room, identify reasons given by families for their noncompliance.
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Not only is it saving space and weight, but the technology also draws less power than all the systems it replaces--a two-thirds reduction in electricity demand, Glaros points out.
This technology sounds similar to what the Army is striving for in its pursuit of Future Combat Systems--a network of ground vehicles, weapons, robots and other technologies currently in development for fielding by 2015, Glaros says.
Glaros and Miroff (1983) evaluated the reactions of some persons watching Ronald Reagan address the nation.
MacNeill S, Walters DM, Dey A, Glaros AG, Cobb CM: Sonic and mechanical toothbrushes: An in vitro study showing altered microbial surface structures but lack of effect on viability.
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In 1993, Glaros and Gadbury-Amyot found that slides of a dentist wearing PPE produced a more negative evaluation of the dentist than slides depicting a dentist just wearing gloves.