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GLASGay Lesbian and Straight (various locations)
GLASGiugno, Luglio, Agosto, Settembre (Italian: June, July, August, September; band)
GLASGay and Lesbian Arabic Society
GLASGrade-Level Achievement Standards (various organizations)
GLASGeneral Ledger Accounting System
GLASGust-Load Alleviation System
GLASGoddard Laboratory of Atmospheric Sciences
GLASGeosciences Laser Altimeter System
GLASGiggling Like A Schoolgirl
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Once imprisoned, Glas was replaced by Maria Alejandra Vicuna.
Head teacher Kevin Hart with Councillor Sarah Merry, Olympic athlete Jamie Baulch and pupils at the opening of Coed Glas Primary School's new Learning Cube
Mae planhigion ar y cyfan angen amodau alcali er mwyn medru cynhyrchu'r lliw glas, ac yn amlach na pheidio, mymryn yn asidig ydi planhigion.
Doctor Glas has many qualities that contribute to its status as one of the Swedish classics, such as the detailed descriptions of Stockholm around the turn of the twentieth century; recurring themes like love, sexuality and the critique of social conventions; and, not least, Soderberg's lucid and memorable style of writing.
Glas Cymru chairman Lord Burns said: 'In taking control of Welsh Water, the board's main objective was to put the business on a firm footing once again.
BACKS: Y Brusque, D Bory, A Rougerie, D Traille, T Marsh, G Merceron, F Gelez, J Marlu, C Poitrenaud, S Glas, P Mignoni, F Galthie.
But was Critchley aware of the ironies involved in saying that he would fix 'an unblinking Cyclopean eye' on the Hegel column of Glas (p.
The GLAS Toolkit is a collection of nine special utilities that provide added functionality to the GLAS version 3.
Over 900 libraries worldwide are using GLAS to manage their collections and provide their users improved access to information.
Eduardo Glas has provided us with an excellent study of this facet of European industrialization.
The opposition has fingered Glas as a beneficiary of several corruption cases brought before the Supreme Court by Ecuador's attorney general (NotiSur, July 14, 2017).