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GLASTGamma Ray Large Area Space Telescope
GLASTL-Glutamate/L-Aspartate Transporter (biological chemistry)
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Gilster is of the opinion that GLAST should help, but the apprehensions about the qualitative gradient of structural gradient and diffuse solidarity abstraction grows that the antimatter cloud at galactic center may remain enigmatic for some time to come.
GLAST Prelude by Gasser is a tribute to the telescope installed by NASA.
GLAST may shed light on dark matter, primordial black holes, and other cosmic oddities near and dear to the hearts of physicists and cosmologists.
GLAST will address major questions in astronomy, cosmology, and physics, such as the early history of star formation, the origin of black hole particle jets, the nature of dark matter, and the source of gamma-ray bursts, the most powerful explosions and form of light in the universe.
For years we've been calling NASA's newest and best gamma-ray observatory the Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope, or GLAST (June issue cover story).
Virtutech Simics simulates the spacecraft hardware to create a robust training tool for the GLAST mission operations team to prepare for normal spacecraft operations.
Among its many capabilities, GLAST will enable astronomers to look for a distinctive high-energy signature of dark-matter particle collisions in our galaxy (S&T December 2006, page 42).
Built at the General Dynamics factory in Gilbert, Arizona, GLAST has already survived two rounds of stringent evaluation there.
The GLAST Mission is part of NASA's Office of Space and Science Strategic Plan, with launch anticipated in February 2007.
Utilizing twelve ARC MONARC 22 hydrazine thrusters, the system is designed to safely deorbit the GLAST spacecraft at the end of its mission.
Italian scientists, with a strong tradition in high-energy astronomy and cosmic-ray physics, will use AGILE to blaze the trail for GLAST.