GLAZAGreater Los Angeles Zoo Association
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She began serving as a GLAZA Trustee in the early 1970s, was a multi-year member of the Los Angeles Zoo Commission, and was named "Ambassador to the Animals of the City of Los Angeles" by Mayor Villaraigosa in 2006.
Her deep understanding and passion and for the Los Angeles Zoo, her close relationship with its animals and Zoo and GLAZA people, her advocacy in general for animals that share our earth, and her sharp business sense blend perfectly to guide our organization, particularly as GLAZA works toward a public-private partnership with the City of Los Angeles in order to make the Zoo's operation more financially independent.
This week, GLAZA members observed one of man's closest relatives in advance of today's grand opening.
The swans, unveiled Thursday, are the result of a partnership between GLAZA and Black Swan Wines of Australia to create the zoo's first black swan habitat and exhibit.
But whichever interpretation you accept, not all is right at the zoo, or at GLAZA.
They did spend the money for legal purposes, but is it for GLAZA to decide how that money is spent or is it for the city to decide?
For instance, the docent program - administered through GLAZA as part of its public relations branch - could be more closely aligned to the zoo's educational programs.
The ad hoc committee recommended improving zoo management, establishing a separate zoo department, re-evaluating the Master Plan and formulating a strategic animal plan, and improving relations with GLAZA.
Although the mayor's appointments were praised by GLAZA officials, at least one animal rights activist charged that the mayor was appointing celebrities to the panel at the expense of crucial expertise.
Perhaps GLAZA, the zoo's private, nonprofit fund-raising arm, can finally concentrate on its mission: Raising the millions of dollars needed to feed, care for and enhance the zoo's inhabitants instead of just GLAZA's staff.
GLAZA Recognizes Ruby for Her Educational Role in Southern California
In my opinion, Susan wanted to see a strong GLAZA with as much power as in the past, she was reluctant to give up that authority.