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GLBGay Lesbian Bisexual
GLBGemeenschappelijk Landbouwbeleid (Dutch: Common Agricultural Policy/ European Commission, aka: CAP)
GLBGlobal Load Balancer
GLBGramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999
GLBGreatest Lower Bound (mathematics)
GLBGel Loading Buffer
GLBGoal Line Blitz (sports radio show)
GLBGeneric Logic Block (computing)
GLBGhana Library Board
GLBGreat Lakes Bulletin (Michigan Land Use Institute)
GLBGurulakshmi Builders
GLBGlobal Load Balancers
GLBGlulam Beam (glulam is glued laminated timber)
GLBGeek Life Blog (new technology website)
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The company is grateful for the confidence that GDI has shown in GLB over the past two years and looks forward to building on the successful cooperation that has developed between the companies.
As a second project, GLB planned to plant 200,000 sun flower seeds which would be crushed to make sun flower oil to be sold inside Sudan, he said, adding that part of it would be exported to neighbouring countries.
The lower GLB/SGS ratio seen in our experiment probably did not limit intake because the pasture showed a high GLB (2,195 kg [ha.
In our study, we focused on contextual factors that may moderate substance use among GLB youths by using a social ecological conceptual model.
The objective of GLB, according to the spokesperson, is "to sow terror in the hearts of Zionists" and to "pursue the enemy wherever he is to be found.
4 billion--were of contracts in which a GLB was available.
The essence of GLB requires mortgage lenders and others to utilize the best security approach that is both readily available and cost-effective.
Both Neuburger and Sinrod think that future cases will lead to different interpretations of what GLB requires.
The research shows that GLB foster parents are very committed to doing right by these kids, and that it is a stepping-stone to adoption," says James, who with his partner has adopted two children.
firm's sixth annual study of retirement income products expressed "growing enthusiasm" for the options, "and there is a robust pipeline of GLB product on the drawing boards at numerous companies," said James R.
Homophobia scores were significantly related to comfort in working with GLB people and GLB health issues, and those with higher levels of homophobia were less comfortable working in GLB health.
The purpose of GLB was to protect the confidentiality of non-public personal financial information by requiring disclosure of how that information may be shared, and allowing the client to opt-out of any information sharing.