GLBTQGay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer
GLBTQGay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Questioning
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This work reflects on case studies of political rhetoric about GLBTQ issues, in the form of monuments, gravestones, memorials, and cemetery stones, as well as media publications and textbooks.
For libraries looking to increase nonfiction titles on GLBTQ topics, this could be considered, but not as a first pick.
Moreover, such an approach recognizes that stigmatizing outsider communities damages not just GLBTQ Americans but also anyone whose conduct defies standard expectations about sex, gender, and sexuality.
Plus the emergence of GLBTQ studies which needed a home.
The event reaches out to a good many high risk groups in our communities, including veterans, police officers, firefighters, the elderly, GLBTQ groups, healthcare professionals, and all others that may find themselves struggling.
A second example is the invisibility of GLBTQ people in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, an unprecedented storm and infrastructure collapse which occurred just days before the annual queer festival in New Orleans, "Southern Decadence," a celebration that drew 125,000 revelers in 2003 (ecesis.
We ask educators to think about populations who may be particularly vulnerable, such as undocumented immigrants, the homeless, the elderly, the poor, single parent households, and GLBTQ youth.
Given strong evidence that knowing someone gay increases support for gay rights (Herek and Capitanio 1996; Lewis and Gossett 2008; Lewis 2011; Pettigrew and Tropp 2006), even low levels of GLBTQ representation will likely facilitate such socialization.
Navigating partnerships and addressing tough issues in promoting health among GLBTQ youth: An interview with Jesus Ramirez-Valles.
Student groups (Oklahoma State's chapter of NOW and its GLBTQ organization, soDA) applied for small funds to sponsor a couple of the well-known scholars.
It was overwhelming, I just started talking and they listened," says Qualisa Thomas, who has been with Pridelines from the age of 14, and now, at 24, was a chair of the 2013 LGBTQ Youth Prom Committee and works with a Pridelines partner agency, the Alliance for GLBTQ Youth.
Instead, the plan, which dealt with enforcement of standards applied uniformly to all students in the program, was intended to "teach her how to effectively counsel GLBTQ clients in accordance with the ACA code of ethics" (Keeton v.