GLIERGreat Lakes Institute for Environmental Research (University of Winsdor; Windsor, Ontario, Canada)
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GLIERs graduate students investigate how our ecosystems are impacted by threats to biodiversity using cutting-edge techniques.
Successful applicants will be awarded $18,000 for teaching release and other costs and will be expected to relocate to GLIER s Riverside Drive facility for the duration of their fellowship, which will begin September 2013.
The Great Lakes are internationally important, said GLIER Director Dan Heath.
Funding will be used primarily for the purchase of state-of-the-art scientific equipment to be used by GLIER researchers, as well as some from Chemistry and Biochemistry, Biological Sciences and Civil and Environmental Engineering.
This infrastructure will further promote GLIER and the University of Windsor as the major centre in Canada for the development and application of interdisciplinary environmental assessment, analysis and remediation research in the Great Lakes region, Piruzza said.