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GLITCHGremlins Lurking In The Computer Hardware (NASA)
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The Glitch was founded in 2009 and employs around 200 people in Mumbai and Delhi.
The glitch is believed to have processed online bill payments twice and doubled transaction fees.
Spokesperson for the national carrier reported that the US company is resolving the glitch and the system would be restored soon however, the airline offers an apology to customers for inconvenience.
The cause of the problem seems to be a glitch in the iOS 11.
Glitch treads similar territory to recent international TV series --Resurrection, In the Flesh, French series Les Revenants and its American remake, The Returned--and Fox initially worried that the existence of these shows would negatively impact on the ABC production.
Unlike other Yiddishisms that populate the American lexicon, glitch doesn't particularly sound like something your bubbe would say.
The Bank of England had a glitch which threw more than 1,000 housing transactions into turmoil in October 2014.
Apple took the unusual step of issuing an apology for the glitch and vowed to work around the clock to fix the problem.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-January 3, 2014-NatWest and RBS customers see credit cards locked after glitch at Tesco's petrol stations
Flights in and out of Riyadh's King Khaled International Airport were delayed for four hours Saturday evening due to a technical glitch in the main power exchange station, Saudi Arabian Airlines saidon Sunday.
com)-- Available today in the iTunes App Store, the iOS app GLTCH streamlines the creation of digital glitch art.
Summary: Tokyo: A Singapore-bound Dreamliner flight had to be aborted mid-air after developing a glitch with .