GLMTGeneralized Lorenz-Mie Theory
GLMTGreat Lakes Media Technology, Inc (Mequon, Wisconsin, USA)
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Within the framework of the GLMT, the incident Gaussian beam can be expanded in terms of the spherical vector wave functions with respect to the system [O.
In the framework of the GLMT for a spheroid, once the Gaussian beam expansion is obtained, the scattered fields as well as the fields within the spheroidal particle can be expanded in terms of appropriate spheroidal vector wave functions as follows [17]:
As an extension of the GLMT for spheres, the theory of Gaussian beam scattering from a spheroidal particle is given, including the expansion of Gaussian beam in terms of spheroidal vector wave functions, scattering of Gaussian beam by an arbitrarily oriented spheroidal particle, and by a spheroidal particle with non-confocal dielectric coating.