GLOFGlacial Lake Outburst Flood
GLOFGolden Leaf Orienteering Fest (Canada)
GLOFGood Luck On Finals
GLoFGrande Loge de France (French: Grand Lodge of France; Freemasons)
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Chitral experienced a heatwave in the last week of June and the first week of July, with temperatures rising to 42 degrees Centigrade - an event which caused GLOFs as the mountaineous region experienced heavy rains.
Tsering also noted the Japanese early warning system for GLOF is much cheaper than the one Bhutan had set up in Punakha valley, a rice farming district.
In particular, it found that the company did not assess the impacts of a phenomenon known as "glacial lake outburst floods", or GLOFs, which occur regularly in the region and drastically change the flow volume in the Baker and Pascua Rivers.
Another 1981 like GLOF will cause much more damage," says Dr Arun Bhakta Shrestha, Climate Change Specialist at ICIMOD.
I reject those assumptions in analyses of the CBCL and the GLOF.
In July 1998, a GLOF in the Shahimardan valley of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan killed more than 100 people.
To see this, it helps to remember that the results in Table 3 are multivariate: the effect of family structure is really capturing differences between two individuals who are similar in terms of their mental health status (CBCL and GLOF scores) and resources (family income and caregiver's education).
GLOF has become a regular feature in northern Pakistan valleys in the last few years.
Bindu Gol has actually been selected by the UNDP-Pakistan as one of the demonstration sites for an internationally funded project that aims to reduce risks and vulnerabilities from GLOFs and snowmelt flash floods in Northem Pakistan by developing the human and technical capacity of the vulnerable local communities to understand and respond to the GLOF risks.
The general overview about the climate change and their associate hazards in Gilgit-Baltistan are loss of habitat, species extinction, less grasses in pasture, pest attacks, increased frequency of glacial melting, high turbid water, cold spell, GLOF, and destruction of water bank infrastructure are common ideals of the communities (Ali, 2010).