GM3Gunner's Mate Third Class (USN Rating)
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mouse embryos, and found marked decreases in the amounts of Lac-Cer and GM3, a major ganglioside, in the cells, but no changes in N- and O-glycosylation of the proteins.
Molecular cloning of a human monoclonal antibody reactive to ganglioside GM3 antigen on human cancers.
01) result of PER was noticed in GM2 dietary group, followed by GM3 group, and the least value was obtained in SM3 dietary group.
Similarly GM2 and GM3 antibodies were present in both GBS and NC group from 9-24%, but none in the NNC group.
34) Tip 4 mukolipidoziste esas defekt bilinmemekle birlikte GM3 gangliosid birikimi mevcuttur.
A list of economic indicator Economic indicators Category Name Notation Costs Total cost GK1 Without infrastructure costs GK11 Infrastructure costs GK12 Loading-unloading costs GK13 Reliability Existing relationships GM1 of freighters Accuracy GM2 Tracking & tracing capabilities GM3 Obstacles A negative impact of the weather on the GAK1 route A negative impact of the weather on the GAK2 loading-unloading process Traffic load, congestion GAK3 Cargo safety Risk of cargo damage GA1 Table 2.
5] sorptivity whereas specimens of GM3 showed comparatively lower corresponding values of 12.
Modulation of EGF receptor activity by changes in the GM3 content in a human epidermoid carcinoma cell line, A431.