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GMABGive Me A Break
GMABGuaranteed Minimum Accumulation Benefit
GMABGrowth Management Advisory Board (Australia)
GMABGood Money After Bad
GMABGet Me a Beer (slang)
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Introducing mortality, the initial price [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] of the GMAB optional rider can be written as
The GMAB can be seen as the account value plus a European put option on the account value with the guaranteed value as the strike price (see Mahayni and Schneider, 2012).
Annuities with the GMAB feature can allow participants to design a portfolio that more accurately provides the desired level of protection, without the "cost" of a heavy tilt toward lower-returning fixed investments.
As mentioned earlier, GMAB and GMIB "living" benefits are provided as additional optional riders, and one must pay an additional 10 to 50 basis points (of assets, per annum) for this feature according to a 1999 Tillinghast-Towers Perrin survey.
05% for the spousal life version, of the greater of the GMWB benefit base, GMAB benefit base or contract value.
Note: insufficient information is available in the study on GMAB and GMIB utilization, because a majority of these riders had not reached benefit maturity.
What has happened is that insurers have taken a GMAB, GMIB or GMWB rider and turned it into the full breadth of the insurance contract.
The GMAB option is only available when SecurePay or SecurePay with Roll-Up is also purchased.
Innovative GMWBs, New Underlying Portfolios, and the Company's First GMAB Designed to Meet the Retirement Planning Needs of Advisors and Their Clients
Generally, the GMAB guarantees the client's initial investment.
ADVISORS POLLED Would you like to learn more about: ** How a basic annuity works 48% * ** The difference between a GMAB, GMIB and GMWB 59% ** The differences between deferred and immediate annuities 50% ** The options available with SPIA products 58% ** What high water marks are and how they work 55% ** Death benefits 49% ** COLA features 60% * % of 500 advisors who said yes
The annual step-up is available with both features of our combination rider, the GMAB and Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit (GMWB), and can begin on or after the account's first anniversary.