GMAC CFGeneral Motors Acceptance Corporation Commercial Finance
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He says: "The ESF Group of GMAC CF completed the deal in less than a month, which is fast for this size of funding.
The ESF Group of GMAC CF specialises in being able to lend against cash flow as well as the assets of a business.
GMAC CF is "moving quickly" to fill Craig's position, a company spokeswoman told HFN.
With locations in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Poland and the United Kingdom, GMAC CF is positioned to provide lending services worldwide.
Moser, senior managing director of GMAC CF's Retail Finance Group stated, "As members of the prior bank group of Goody's, GMAC CF and CIT both enjoyed a long relationship with the Company, and we have been impressed with its plans for the future.
GMAC CF, considered a leader in its segment of the financial services market, provides asset-based lending, equipment finance/leasing, structured finance and accounts receivable management services to a wide variety of middle-market clients in diverse industries.
GMAC CF, which engaged RDA Group to conduct the survey in order to promote and foster on-going communications with its clients, found the results revealing.
GMAC CF is a proven leader in providing innovative capital solutions relevant to the needs of today's businesses.
He further stated, "What GMAC CF provided in the end, was far beyond that of any other lender we considered in the process.
We had been working with traditional banks for many years, while we enjoyed these relationships, we found the creative approach of the Retail Finance Group at GMAC CF to be instrumental in propelling our business forward, this at a point where economic times demand a forward looking approach and partnership between a retailer and their lender," said Rick Holden, president and CEO of J.