GMEIGreater Middle East Initiative
GMEIGraduate Medical Education, Inc. (East Lansing, MI)
GMEIGulf of Mexico Estuarine Inventory (study)
GMEIGroupe de Météorologie Expérimentale et Instrumentale
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Unlike the GMEI, this initiative highlighted the need for a "just, comprehensive, and lasting settlement" to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in conjunction with a pledge of G-8 support for reform.
I am not sure where the European role is in the evolving GMEI.
A high-level US delegation was expected to arrive in Sharm El Shaikh on April 1 to discuss prospects of the Arabs ever adopting the revised GMEI.
At the same time, America's GMEI is still far from worked out to the last detail.
The implications of these currents for the GMEI and for Israel are summarised in the following order:
Patrick Georg, General Manager of LuxCSD said: Our new mandate to become Luxembourg s Pre-LOU and the partnership with DTCC s GMEI utility, the world s largest and most recognized global Pre-LOU, allows us to serve the needs of local market players in the most efficient way.
Washington's choice of Tunis for the GMEI office denoted a shift of US preference for allies from big to smaller Arab states.
Instead, the US will back those reforms which will emanate from within Arab countries and can still call its support GMEI in public pronouncements.
He adds: "Turkey cannot take place among countries targeted by the GMEI.
Bush promptly took him up on this and Washington decided to base in Tunis an office to implement the GMEI, to democratise the Arab world as well as non-Arab but predominantly Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, etc.