GMJGallup Management Journal (New York, NY)
GMJGeorgian Mathematical Journal (est. 1994; Georgian Academy of Sciences; Georgia)
GMJGlobal Media Journal (est. 2002; various locations)
GMJGreen Money Journal (Las Vegas, NV)
GMJGene Medicine Japan (biotechnology venture company)
GMJGelatin Manufacturers Association of Japan
GMJGood Morning Jacksonville (TV show; Florida)
GMJGlasgow Medical Journal
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At work feeling good matters; happy employees are better equipped to handle workplace relationships, stress and change according to the latest GMJ survey [Electronic version].
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GMJ publishes work that assesses global media concentration, globalization of TV genres, global media and consumer culture, the role of media in democratic governance and global justice, media reception and cultural practice, the commercialization of news and new media technologies, and the formation of alternative media.
Habitat dft adrift in bays eph epiphytic hs hard shore int intertidal or oyster reef gom,plg pelagic sub subtidal System AB Aransas Bay BBLM Baffin Bay-Laguna Madre CB Copano Bay GMJ Gulf of Mexico Jetty RB Redfish Bay CO Cayo del Oso LM Upper Laguna Madre Relative Abundance A Abundant C Common U Uncommon R Rare * Data not reported [dagger] Represents first record of species for Corpus Christi Bay
It was showed in the previous study (Malkin, 2013) that the observed extremes in the FCN amplitude and phase variations, as well as their derivatives, are close to the GMJ epochs.
Byline: A GMJ Q&A Daniel Kahneman, winner of the 2002 Nobel Prize in economics and author of Thinking, Fast and Slow
The epochs of GMJ given by Malkin, who used the data published by Nagao et al.
16 Vallejo GMJ, Diaz-Canel M, Martin GMJ, Garcia GM.