GMRSGeneral Mobile Radio Service
GMRSGround Motion Response Spectrum
GMRSGlobal Maritime Recruitment Solutions (UK)
GMRSGeneral Mobilization Reserve Stock
GMRSGround Marker Release System
GMRSGlobal Mobility Readiness Squadron (USAF)
GMRSGaithersburg Model Railroad Society (Maryland)
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Realistically however, most GMRS radios can be counted upon for a range of five miles or so, especially with the one or two watt power output common to many of the more affordable GMRS and FRS/GMRS combination radios.
In fact most FRS and GMRS radios feature a variety of channel "codes" to aid in receiving the communication you want while blocking the signals you don't want to hear.
This compact radio has all 15 of the FCC approved channels from GMRS operation and sports a large, back liquid crystal display for easy viewing.
The subject of the public procurement contract of works shall be the Construction of main pipeline Section Block Station 5 Negotino with GMRS Shtip and GMRS Negotino.
It provides a two-way radio communication range of up to two miles via FRS channels and up to five miles with GMRS channels.
69 Cell phones don't Work everywhere Consider FRS or GMRS radio as alternates, or rent a satellite phone.
Although they are designed as hand-held and not mobile units, FRS and GMRS radios are also options.