GMSKGaussian Minimum Shift Keying
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It has been derived in [13] that a GMSK signal exhibits cyclostationarity at the cyclic frequency [alpha] = [f.
In the 880 to 915 EGSM Tx-band the GMSK typical output power is again 35 dBm with a PAE of 55 percent.
5 W Modulation Type Wi-Fi = QPSK, GSM = GMSK Speed of Mobile 5Km/h, 50 Km/h Coverage Area Wi-Fi = 300m, GSM = 10000m Area Size 5 km X 5 km Scan Period 100 ms Monetary Cost Wi-Fi = 0.
CML Microcircuits' CMX990 is an advanced single-chip RF transceiver with integrated GMSK data modem, targeted at global narrowband M2M (machine to machine) products.
RFXpress applications support a variety of modulation schemes such as QPSK, QAM, and GMSK as well as custom.
The loop being an analog system, it will reproduce whatever modulation is placed on the inputs, whether it is QPSK, GMSK, QAM, Analog FM, OFDM or others.
GMSK modulation provides narrow-band (1 MHz at -60 dBc) operation at operating ranges up to 250 NM with the systems ground parabolic antenna system.
The alphabet soup of terminology extends well beyond the familiar QAM and GMSK fundamentals to specific communications protocols such as CDMA, Bluetooth, and WLAN specifications 802.
3 kg 2 Watts Waveforms: FSK or GMSK data/voice Encryption: Citadel II Asic, AES Notes: Full-duplex to six talkers, GPS position report, range to one kilometre in jungle 2110M Codan 1.
The PA modules support GMSK and 8-PSK modulation modes with dual-, tri-, and quad-band support for any combination of the GSM850, GSM900, DCS, and PCS bands.
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