GMVCCGreat Midwest Venture Capital Conference
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At the GMVCC, venture capitalists and other professional investors from across the country will hear twenty-three emerging, high growth companies from eight states give personal audio/visual presentations of their investment opportunities.
GMVCC registrants only: Two rounds of company presentations
At the GMVCC, I had the opportunity to meet and talk with a large number of potential investors at a single event," White said.
This market test is what makes North Coast a sponsor of GMVCC year after year," said Lindsay Aspegren, co-founder, North Coast Technology Investors, LP.
Companies selected for the GMVCC will give personal audio/visual presentations to an audience of national venture capitalists and other professional investors.
Venture capital investors, bankers, professional service providers and others are encouraged to attend the GMVCC.
The Indiana Business Modernization and Technology Corporation ("BMT(R)") and well-known companies in the investment, legal and financial arenas and the State of Indiana are again sponsoring the GMVCC.
Potential investors may register by logging on to the GMVCC website at www.
This is the tenth GMVCC, which is again being managed by Indiana Business Modernization and Technology Corporation (BMT) and its Corporate Investment Services.
The GMVCC has historically been a good venue to create matches between investors and companies seeking funding.
Conference information is available on the GMVCC website, www.