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GNDGirl Next Door
GNDGIG (Global Information Grid) Network Defense
GNDSystem Ground
GNDGraduated Neutral Density (photography lens filter)
GNDCircuit Reference (Zero) Voltage Level
GNDSt Georges/Grenada, Grenada - Pt Saline (Airport Code)
GNDGeometrically Necessary Dislocation
GNDGrade Non-Disclosure (academic policy)
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It also provides a GND mode, but that is only automatic--not user selectable.
He noted that the GND "draws its inspiration from Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, which ended the 1930s depression.
El presente estudio analiza el costo efectividad del GND como tecnologia sanitaria para reducir la morbimortalidad por enfermedades respiratorias asociadas a humo de biomasa.
The board of Northampton-based Salvesen said the proposed combination with Lyon-based GND - Groupe Norbert Dentressangle - would create a stronger organisation with greater opportunities for employees and customers.
Kydex GND is a conductive, fire-resistant grade of thermoplastic alloy sheet from Kleerdex Company of Bloomsburg, Pa.
To determine if the device is HVD or LVD, the best way is to power the device and measure the voltage from the DIFESENSE pin to a GND pin.
NASDAQ: SMSI) Productivity and Graphics Group, today announced that it will preview the fourth edition of Poser's([R]) most popular 3D figure, Miki([R]) and will unveil Tyler GND[c], the first male GND (Girl/Guy Next Door) from Poser([R]) artist Blackhearted, at the SIGGRAPH 2012 conference in Los Angeles, Calif.
2014 werden die Normdaten in der GND ("Gemeinsame Normdatei") nach RDA erfasst.
Transport and logistics company Christian Salvesen yesterday said it had seen rising profits ahead of the upcoming pounds 254 million takeover by French firm GND.
Incredible for a true GND, a gal who's pretty but not stunning, funny but not hilarious, an `OK but could do better' actress.