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GNFGlobal Nature Fund (Radolfzell, Germany)
GNFGuinean Franc (ISO currency code)
GNFGreibach Normal Form (automata theory)
GNFGesellschaft Naturforschender Freunde (German: Society of Friends of Natural Science; Berlin, Germany)
GNFGeneral Navigation Feature
GNFGas Natural Fenosa (Spanish energy company)
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Such knowledge together with a clear customer service and satisfaction policy has helped GNF meet its objectives in the past.
The firm will continue to provide GNFT will continue to provide telecommunication services to GNF.
GNF said the lakes, which include Lake Bunot, Lake Mojicap (Mohicap), Lake Pandin, Lake Palakpakin, Lake Yambo and Lake Kalibato, were used for recreational activities by the local people but deteriorated over time due to neglect.
Selon le quotidien specialise Expansion, qui est bien introduit dans les milieux du secteur energetique en Espagne, la candidature de la compagnie petroliere algerienne est [beaucoup moins que]bien vue[beaucoup plus grand que] par les responsables de GNF qui souhaitent que les responsables de Sonatrach fassent preuve de plus de punch dans cette transaction, face a des concurrents de poids.
The rest of the paper is organized as follows: Section 2 reviews the related work; Section 3 introduces the architectural design of GNF in details including the incorporated NVE entities and identifier spaces, and the defined mapping mechanisms among them; Section 4 describes the operational details of GNF with VN and user dynamics; Section 5 presents the performance assessment and a set of key results through numerical simulation experiments for a range of network scenarios; finally Section 6 gives some concluding remarks with additional discussion.
GNF, however, which has operations in more than 25 countries around the world but no presence in the Ukraine, denied the deal - or anything like it - had taken place.
When operational in the second quarter of 2014, the GNF turbine will lower NOx emissions; this capability will better position the plant to deliver power during off-peak periods, improve its dispatch response, consume less fuel and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
En la region GNF suma mas de 10 millones de clientes de electricidad o gas natural y una serie de plantas de generacion electrica, con presencia en los cuatro mayores paises --Brasil, Mexico, Colombia y Argentina--, y con una importante presencia en otros seis.
The GNF secured around pounds 20m in funding for environmental regeneration schemes.
The GNF approach uses a combination of traditional farming practices and new technology to offer a pesticide free option to all consumers at affordable prices.
GNF remains a separate business entity from the newly created alliance.
The Commission investigated in particular the effects of the transaction in the nuclear fuel assemblies markets, in which Westinghouse, Areva and GNF are the largest suppliers worldwide.