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By working together with the Dowell, Cather and other GNM and TM members were able to draw up a better solution for all.
As of 2004, there were 865,135 GNMs, the 3-year diploma holders, and 506,924 ANMs, and 50,393 HV and HS.
GNM is one of several private companies that has supplied gas to the public since former President Ernesto Zedillo opened the sector to private investment in 1996 (see SourceMex, 1996-04-24, 1996-08-28 and 1999-01-20).
Andre McGarrigle, GNM Customer Insight and Data Strategy Director, said: "The principle of audience-centricity lies at the heart of the digital transformation process happening at GNM.
Through their editorial coverage and business activities, they demonstrate to readers, staff, advertisers, suppliers and their communities that GNM (Guardian News and Media) is committed to enhancing society's ability to build a sustainable future.
GNM is an independent publisher that is owned by Guardian Media Group (GMG).
Azad also informed the Consultative Committee Members that to give a boost to nursing education further, the ministry has sanctioned, during the last two years, 132 ANM and 137 GNM Schools all over the country, particularly in the un-served and under-served districts.
Until now, it has been kept in a bank but the development of the Great North Museum (GNM) project means it will be able to go on display to the public for the first time when the GNM opens in 2009.
Repsol and its Mexican subsidiary GNM have already received a number of concessions to construct pipelines and supply natural gas to residents of northern cities in Mexico.
Andrew Parkin, GNM keeper of archaeology, says he met Prof Shefton in 1990 as a postgraduate student studying Greek archaeology.