GNOCGlobal Network Operations Center
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GNOCGuam National Olympic Committee (Barrigada, Guam)
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With the GNOC we created one centre where we had each and every expertise and we could control networks around the world from the GNOC itself,'" Sinha says.
ZTE refused to disclose the potential investment in the India GNOC, however said costs would largely hinge on its total requirement of international leased circuits, which is a critical infrastructure.
The VCP provides the carrier's staff, both on the GNOC floor and in supporting positions, with advanced IP Turret functionality which enables users to instantly communicate with customers, colleagues, carriers, and partners as they monitor and manage traffic worldwide on a network serving over 80 million customers.
It has since evolved into a complex language with thousands of terms and alpha-numeric expressions used to convey affection like HAK (hugs and kisses), covert signals such as PAW (parents are watching), illegal substances like 420 (marijuana), and sexual advances like GNOC (get naked on cam) or IWSN (I want sex now).
Reporting to Reichert are the IT development and support organizations, the company's data center city managers in Houston and Dallas, and its GNOC management team.
Through its GNOC Security Center, Lucent also delivers industry-leading, real-time security monitoring, management, and support of a customer's security devices on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis.
Moore has successfully negotiated multimillion dollar agreements for worldwide accounts with such esteemed companies as Ericsson, Motorola GSM, Cable & Wireless, Nokia, ATT Worldnet & GNOC, Nortel and BMC.
However in a hosted environment, Lucent Worldwide Services (LWS) is able to deliver critical functionality -- such as contact receipt, contact management, diagnostic performance, trouble-shooting and network restoration -- remotely from the GNOC giving the customer access to 24-hour advanced technical expertise and the tools necessary to quickly solve network issues.
The company's new GNOC will provide global control, monitoring and quality control for Apogee Network's expanding customer base including Content Distributors, ASPs, ISPs, Wireless Internet Content Providers, and Enterprise customers.
The company's new GNOC in Saddle Brook, New Jersey will provide global control, monitoring and quality control for Apogee Network's expanding customer base including ASPs, ISPs, Carriers, Wireless Internet Providers and Enterprise customers.
We found the collection so useful in running the GNOC, we wanted to give all ManageWise 2.
In addition to leading the design of AT&T's new GNOC, Mr.