GNOMADGlobal Network on the Move Active Distribution (ITT Exelis)
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The delivery of GNOMAD systems includes ground station satellite hubs, training and installation services and the ability to leverage commercial Ku satellite services and, once certified, X Band satellite services on the DoD Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) Constellation.
GNOMAD is a proven mission essential command and control on-the-move solution ideal for the difficult communications environment that Army units operate in daily while deployed, said Nick Bobay, president of the Exelis Night Vision and Communications Solutions division.
Exelis also provided GNOMAD systems for the 4th Infantry Division while it was deployed to Iraq in 2011.
Under the contract, Exelis will provide the GNOMAD systems, a field service representative and integration support.
GNOMAD s reduced size, weight and power make it a viable solution for integration into multiple U.
Ken Harrison, vice president of Communications Solutions business at ITT Exelis Electronic Systems commented, GNOMAD will help our 2nd Infantry Division customer maintain situational awareness and exercise mission command applications while on the move.
ITT Exelis' solutions in the NIE include GNOMAD (the Global Network On-the-Move Active Distribution) and SideHat.
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