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GNPGross National Product (total value of a nation's goods and services)
GNPGrand National Party (South Korea)
GNPGlacier National Park (USA)
GNPGerontological Nurse Practitioner
GNPGeriatric Nurse Practitioner
GnPGround 'n Pound (fighting tactic)
GNPGeographic Number Portability
GNPGender-Neutral Pronoun
GNPGraduate Nurse Practitioner
GNPGross National Parade (Washington, DC annual event)
GNPGuardia Nazionale Padana
GNPGoin Postal
GNPGreatest Number Principle
GNPGreat Network Product
GNPGood News Project
GNPGood Neighbor Program (various organizations)
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GNP is putting into place new technologies that allow for building managers to remotely provide access to a property for service providers, real estate agents and others, for a prescribed period of time as short as 30 minutes.
The incorporation of GNPs into epoxy will surely enhance some physical properties of the polymer (13).
Kuznets, however, wrote that he (rightly) expected that bottlenecks would make it a challenge to reach even his estimates of maximum military output based on GNP alone.
Similarly, feminists have complained that women tend to be ignored by GNP calculations because so much of their work is done on a non-transaction basis in the home.
This could be because Nauru is a phosphate-rich country, with a high GNP, and can therefore afford desalination plants and other sanitary infrastucture.
GDP measures domestic output while GNP includes receipts from abroad, a major source of revenue for the Philippines from remittance sent by an estimated six million overseas contract workers.
Assertion 3: Let all factors of production be domestically owned so that there is no distinction between GNP and GDP.
Blanchard and Quah (1989) include unemployment data with GNP in a two-variable vector autoregressive (VAR) model.
2 percent of GNP was sustainable against the actual fiscal deficit of 6.
3 percent of GNP spent on health care, 74 percent is public.
Either consumer sentiment causes GNP or it simply anticipates GNP.
In traditional chronic care, the GNP is the front line of defense against chronic conditions becoming acute episodes that require hospitalization.