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GNRGuns N' Roses
GNRGlobal Name Registry (.name TLD registrar)
GNRGuarda Nacional Republicana
GNRGreat Northern Railway
GNRGram-Negative Rods
GNRGalaxy News Radio (video game)
GNRGrupo Novo Rock (Portugal)
GNRGambia International Airlines (ICAO code)
GNRGenomics Nanotechnology and Robotics
GNRGeneral Nuclear Response
GNRGuns N'Rage (gaming clan)
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Whether you're looking forward to taking part in the GNR or not, here is the timetable for the big day.
For the adults GNR we also offer a free massage and free refreshments on the day of the run at our charity marquee in the charity village.
G2'R are also mirror images of classic GNR, with ever changing authentic stage outfits to catch the era and stage performances down to the last detail.
The company said that GNR Traffic Light PNA FISH is the first-ever test capable of simultaneously identifying Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa directly from positive blood cultures in less than 90 minutes.
510 GNR is a twotone gun with satin stainless barrel and cylinder matched with a matte black frame.
GNR fans will get their first taste of the band's new material as the "Shackler's Revenge" track appears in the "Rock Band 2" videogame and "If the World" plays over the credits in the Ridley Scott thriller "Body of Lies.
21) Once the superintendents pledged their support, the GNR organizers sent them guest cards and activity entry blanks.
Obviously, we are delighted the IAAF have recognised that the Great North Run is one of the world's greatest mass participation races," said David Hart, the GNR media director.
I was always like, "I'm going to get a GNR tattoo," so I got the Appetite cross.
The fieldwork, then, is a process of 3-way checking: attempting to match the GNR data with the topo map features, with on-ground observation.
The move comes almost a year after GNR admitted that ".
Guns N' Roses fans who've been anticipating the long-awaited next GNR CD can stop wondering when it'll pop up.