GNRDGood Neighbourly Relations Declaration (Singapore; British governmental policy)
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Founded in 2008, GNRD is headed by Loai Mohammed Deeb, a reportedly Palestinian-born international lawyer who owns a UAE-based consultancy, and reportedly operated a fake university in Scandinavia, according to veteran Middle East author and journalist Brian Whitaker who has taken a lead in investigative reporting of GNRD.
The GNRD maintains an office in the UAE, which has a history of cracking down on civil society groups operating in the country.
The GNRD said the launch of the indicator was the first phase of its project, with intentions to erect large-screen displays at international airports and public squares around the world broadcasting the indicator results.
By contrast, GNRD, declared after monitoring last year's election of Mr.
GNRD says the launch of IHRRI today represents the first phase of its project whereas the second phase will see large-screen displays at international airports and public squares in different countries to show the results of the human rights indicator.
Abouzar Al-Mana, the representative of GNRD, told conference attendees: "Elections, whether parliamentary or presidential, are one of the democratic tools to counter terrorism.
The GNRD, in a statement, described its IHRRI as the most trustworthy and complete international human rights rank indicator, reflecting live data on the respect for human rights in 216 countries.
The GNRD President called on all regional and international parties to exert more efforts to enhance the security and stability of Yemen and create an appropriate political climate for implementing the outcomes of NDC and the referendum on a new constitution as well.
Established in 2008 "to enhance and support both human rights and development by adopting new strategies and policies for real change," GNRD is funded by anonymous donors to the tune of e1/43.
The GNRD said in a statement on Friday that it released "the most trustful and complete international human rights rank indicator (IHRRI)" compiled by more than 2,000 individuals around the globe.
The disappearance of the two Brits, even if they were arrested on the grounds that GNRD allegedly is not a bona fide human rights groups, fuels mounting suspicions among human rights groups and trade unions that Qatar may not be serious about matching its words with deeds.
Maat and the GNRD have accused Qatar of being behind a campaign against the GNRD, after the Norwegian police stormed their offices in June, arresting director Loay Deeb, along with seizing documents and computers.