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GNSGEOnet Names Server (NIMA)
GNSGlobal Network Services (INMARSAT)
GNSGuinea Franc
GNSGlobal Navigation System
GNSGet Nearest Server (component of IPX and SAP)
GNSInstitute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Ltd. (New Zealand research institute)
GNSGrain Neutral Spirit (alcohol)
GNSGilbert and Sullivan (theater)
GNSGlobal Name Space
GNSGoogle Number Search (Google)
GNSGerman North Sea (geography)
GNSGlock Night Sights (guns)
GNSGood Night Sleep (vitamin supplement; Wellbeing Health Products, LLC; Middlesex, NJ)
GNSGood Night Show (children's TV series)
GNSGetronics Network Services
GNSGas Nomination System
GNSGreat Northern Stone (North America)
GNSGuaranteed No Show
GNSGroup Newsagency Supplies (Australia)
GNSGlobalnet Systems, Inc.
GNSGlobal Networking Strategy
GNSGamist Nartativist Simulationist (theory of roleplaying)
GNSGeneral Nanosystems, Inc (Minneapolis, MN)
GNSGeneral News Service
GNSGoogle News Service
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Aside from the questionable value of GPS redundancy and the occasional right side flight panel in general aviation, these dual GNS installations are frequently being used as a navigator and an MFD.
In contrast, although GO was reduced into GNS after chemical reduction, the dispersibility of the PABS-g-GNS was dramatically increased due to the presence of PABS onto the surface of GNS.
The GNS and NCI research team used REFS to predict that peroxiredoxin II (PRDX2) was an important mediator of sensitivity to doxorubicin.
The expert was, however, disappointed that the GNS won't get as many volunteers as they had sought.
We have now extended our patent portfolio beyond our previous issued patents covering an ultraefficient language to model known biology and the simulation of known pathways, to the fully data-driven inference and simulation of novel biology," said Tom Neyarapally, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development for GNS.
When he got to the Gannett tent he told GNS honcho John C.
The eruption threw up rocks as large as 2 meters in diameter, creating pocket craters in the mountain, GNS volcanologist Steve Sherburn told Kyodo News.
Nathan was able to apply the operations of his GNS to his understanding of part-whole relations and his emerging use of fractional language, in order to rename fractions generated through iterations of unit fractions (e.
GNS grinding spindles are available with steel or ceramic bearings and can be air-oil.
As an attempt to address these deficiencies in the literature, this study examined the moderating effects of GNS and each of the four context satisfactions using a large sample (N = 6405) of employees from a variety of jobs and occupations.