GNWTGovernment of the Northwest Territories (Canada)
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The GNWT will use the funds to increase access to services and supports in homes and communities to meet the needs of the territorys aging population.
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Given the inescapable reality of social change, Lidster (1975) stated that the GNWT was helping individuals adjust:
Under the terms of the agreements, DIL is authorized by the GNWT to market their NWT-manufactured diamonds as a GOVERNMENT CERTIFIED CANADIAN DIAMOND(TM) and POLAR BEAR DIAMOND(TM) in the international marketplace, which includes use of the polar bear design trademark.
Territorial control over regulatory functions provides the GNWT the flexibility to promulgate only those drinking-water regulations that are necessary to protect public health.
The GNWT has entered into an agreement with Brewers' Distributors Limited of Alberta that enables all refillable beer bottles to be transported to Brewers Distributors for reuse.
It was not until the late 1990's, with the imminent creation of Nunavut, that the GNWT was able to capture DIAND's attention.
Existing GNWT legislation will stay in effect until the Nunavut legislative assembly amends it.
The remaining sections of the document detail the model underpinning the SSP and the policies and procedures, promotion efforts, information dissemination activities, and learning supports to which the GNWT has committed to ensure that students complete the following steps successfully: (1) apply for and gain entry to postsecondary studies; (2) maintain their student status until their program of study is completed; and (3) make the transition to work or further learning upon graduation.
William Belsey is Coordinator of Information Technology at the Leo Ussak Elementary School Computer Program and Igalaaq, the Rankin Inlet Community Access Centre, GNWT Postal Bag 002 Rankin Inlet, NT Canada X0C 0G0 (e-mail: belsey@arctic.
GNWT (Government of the Northwest Territories) staff housing, which accounted for a large portion of the total territorial housing stock, was introduced to the territory in 1969.
Under the terms of the agreement, Nightingale will license its healthcare software applications to the GNWT, through the Department of Health and Social Services, and will provide associated implementation, training and support services.