GNXGateway Network Exchange
GNXGrand National
GNXGlobal Net Exchange
GNXGrand National Extra (Buick)
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Garmin's brand new four-inch GNX 20/21 range includes monochrome and colour displays with LCD backlighting and are bonded to avoid condensation.
Forty-five of the largest global retailers and suppliers are involved in this combined entity, creating an incredibly strong force for pushing forward key retail industry initiatives," says GNX chief executive officer Joe Laughlin, who will be chief executive officer of the as-yet-unnamed new company.
Sears discussed CPFR with GNX in more detail, focusing particularly on how the software could contribute to the company's current business success.
Examples: Transora (packaged goods), Covisint (automotive) GNX (retail), Pantellos (utilities)
GNX's original founders -- Sears, Carrefour and Oracle -- were joined by eight additional equity partners, enabling GNX to establish itself on the international stage.
The second step of McLaren's strategy is to become a niche-product maker, a reputation the company created in the 1980s when it built and certified high-output engines for the Buick GNX, Pontiac GTP and McLaren/ASC Mustang.
Since its inception in February, GNX has completed more than 70 transactions totaling $150 million in purchase volume for its partners Carrefour SA, Sears, J Sainsbury Plc, Kroger Company, Metro AG, Coles Myer and Pinault-Printemps-Redoute SA.
16-2021 Hostaperm Green GNX P/C (PG 7 Pthalo Green)
The automaker is developing more GS vehicles to establish a performance beachhead for Buick ahead of the upcoming RWD Grand National and GNX models.
We continue to see a "last man standing" consolidation, with 1Sync replacing Transora and UCCnet, and Agentries supplying the "retail interface" started by GNX and WWRE.
The way the Italian buying groups negotiate price and tie down a market might well serve as a model for the WWRE (World Wide Retail Exchange) and GNX (its French-based equivalent).