GNYGreater New York
GNYGo Null Yourself (online programming community)
GNYGong-Needham-Yahalom (logic theory; cryptology)
GNYGamble Nippert YMCA (Cincinnati, Ohio)
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Section 3 provides the design of the proposed authentication protocol as well as a proof of security using the logic of GNY.
She joined GNY in 2001 as the company's Corporate Controller, and was promoted to Chief Executive Officer in 2014.
45] Pieter and Michiel, "Analysis of the OpenPGP and OTR protocols", using GNY logic (Online Tutorial), Available from: http://www.
Key rating triggers for GNY that could lead to a downgrade include:
Heck as President from March 1983 to March 2001 was honored by the Company and its guests during the evening, as he passed the 52-year mark of service to GNY and its community.
GNY benefits from its conservative operating philosophy, strong reputation, regional expertise and long-standing relationships with its insureds and producers.
Heck, Chairman & CEO of GNY Insurance Companies commented "There is clearly a shortage of trained personnel needed in our industry to fill and replace those people that are retiring.
Heck as President from March 1983 to March 2001 was honored by the Company and its guests during the evening, as he passed the 52 year mark of service to GNY and its community; he is the fourth Chairman of GNY and was easily able to offer a history and perspective on the founding and development of GNY from its startup days on New York's lower east side to today's growing enterprise with 360 employees, 12,000 policyholders and a presence in 15 states.
In the profile, the Hecks talk about how GNY Insurance writes commercial insurance for apartments, condominiums and co-ops, plus office buildings in New York, noting it did not want to walk away from that market after Sept.
In addition, five new directors were elected to serve: Kevin Rampe, ACE Group; Elizabeth Heck, GNY Insurance Company; Kermitt Brooks, AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company; Howard Mills, former Superintendent, NYSID, Deloitte; and William Savino, Rivkin Radler, LLP.
NEW YORK -- Warren Heck, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GNY Insurance Companies, a group comprised of Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company, Insurance Company of Greater New York, Strathmore Insurance, and GNY Custom Insurance Company, a surplus-lines company, announced today that the companies have expanded their business operations into the state of Michigan.
L-R: Carole Banfield, ISO with Warren Heck, Past Free Enterprise Awardee, GNY Insurance Company and Janet E Glover, retired Deputy Bureau Chief, Property Bureau, New Fork State Insurance Department, MVAIC