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GOALSGeneral(ized) Officer Assignment On-Line System
GOALSGlobal Ocean-Atmosphere-Land-System (WCRP)
GOALSGlobal Online Adventure Learning Site
GOALSGovernment On-Line Accounting Link System (US Dept of Treasury)
GOALSGo Out And Learn Something
GOALSGreater Orlando Area Legal Services
GOALSGovernment Out of Area Line Service (UK)
GOALSGodly Objectives Assure Lasting Success
GOALSGo Onward Always Learning Something
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are the cries; and all stray balls are impounded by the authorities, and the whole mass of boys moves up towards the two goals, dividing as they go into three bodies.
They're going to try, at any rate, and won't make such a bad fight of it either, mark my word; for hasn't old Brooke won the toss, with his lucky halfpenny, and got choice of goals and kick-off?
The two sides change goals, and the School- house goal-keepers come threading their way across through the masses of the School, the most openly triumphant of them-- amongst whom is Tom, a School-house boy of two hours' standing-- getting their ears boxed in the transit.
Old Brooke takes half a dozen quick steps, and away goes the ball spinning towards the School goal, seventy yards before it touches ground, and at no point above twelve or fifteen feet high, a model kick-off; and the School-house cheer and rush on.
Then the boys who are bending and watching on the outside, mark them: they are most useful players, the dodgers, who seize on the ball the moment it rolls out from amongst the chargers, and away with it across to the opposite goal.
The School-house are being penned in their turn, and now the ball is behind their goal, under the Doctor's wall.
They may well be angry, for it is all Lombard Street to a china orange that the School-house kick a goal with the ball touched in such a good place.
The season during which Clarence Tresillian kept goal for Houndsditch Wednesday is destined to live long in the memory of followers of professional football.
Today is your day for keeping goal as you've never kept goal before.
If you march fifty LI in order to outmaneuver the enemy, you will lose the leader of your first division, and only half your force will reach the goal.
To be near the goal while the enemy is still far from it, to wait at ease while the enemy is toiling and struggling, to be well-fed while the enemy is famished:--this is the art of husbanding one's strength.
Raising my strange Martian rifle to my shoulder I sighted and touched the button which controlled the trigger; there was a sharp explosion as the missile reached its goal, and the charging chieftain pitched backward from his flying mount.