GOEAGovernment Office for European Affairs (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
GOEAGolden Eagle (bird species Aquila chrysaetos)
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But we are looking to see if there are a handful you can peel off," Goeas said.
In 2004, the Republicans lost that group by 11 percentage points, Goeas said.
In addition to campaign work for his own party, Goeas works closely with Democratic pollster Celinda Lake on the nationally recognized "Battledground" poll.
As to whether the voters might blame Congress primarily for economic declines (affecting the presumed nominee, Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole), Goeas insists the gravity of economic blame is always strongest near the president.
Looking over this data, Republican pollster Ed Goeas writes, "The Republican Party now is like a badly beaten down stock j but a stock that is a good buy for the future.
The poll, which surveyed 1,000 likely voters nationally between October 17 and October 20, was conducted and analyzed by two respected pollsters, Democrat Celinda Lake of Lake Research Partners and Republican Ed Goeas of The Tarrance Group.
Goeas also took heart in a recent poll from his company showing 48 percent of Americans would rather cut taxes, while 47 percent would rather cut the federal deficit.
Examining these results, Republican pollster Ed Goeas said, "Even at this late date, most Republican campaigns have expended less than half of their resources.
The new non-partisan, non-profit organization unveiled key initiatives today including a Congress-focused website based on the Wikipedia model called Congresspedia; the findings of a bipartisan poll by Celinda Lake and Ed Goeas on public attitudes towards corruption in Congress; and a first round of grants to encourage good government organizations to make more effective use of the Internet to promote transparency in Congress and empower citizens to be the best watchdogs of their own elected representatives.
The poll results were released today at an event with pollsters Ed Goeas of The Tarrance Group and Celinda Lake of Lake Research Partners on the campus of George Washington University.
Examining this year's results, Republican pollster Ed Goeas said, "The country is at a crossroads.
In a survey conducted by Ed Goeas of the Tarrance Group and Celinda Lake of Lake Research Partners for Why Tuesday?