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GOESGlobal Online Enrollment System (US Customs & Border Protection)
GOESGeosynchronous Operational Environmental Satellite
GOESGeosynchronous Orbiting Environmental Satellite
GOESGlobal Omnibus Environmental Survey
GOESGN&C Orbital Environment Simulation
GOESGeostationary Operational Environmental Satellite
GOESGrain Oriented Electrical Steel (large power transformers)
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Another said, "Perhaps if Telemachus goes on board ship, he will be like his father and perish far from his friends.
Everybody goes away when I want them to help me tow the raft ashore, and I can't do it by myself.
an alderman of the city, and justice of the peace, and the goldsmith hearing of it, goes out, and entreated his worship to come in and decide the case.
9 : to make its own special sound <A kitten goes like this.
It goes 70 miles an hour, so you're not going to streak across the country to get from one crisis to another.
And as that part of the city goes, so will go the state, so will go the Northeast region.