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GOFA requires the President of the United States to determine which countries are "Internet-restricting," but it does not set out any substantive means of making this determination.
GOFA creates the potential for bad blood between China and the United States at a time when their relationship is already tenuous.
sponsors of GOFA perceive First Amendment freedoms as fundamental human
little doubt that the freedoms GOFA contemplates are commensurate with
Furthermore, the GOFA also recognizes the importance of doing business in China.
Violations of the GOFA can result in five years imprisonment or fines up to $2,000,000.
GOFA would establish the Office of Global Internet Freedom in the Department of State.
146) GOFA is not as explicit as GIFA in regards to funding anti-jamming technologies.
And Drakos and Gofas (2006: 715) contend that underreporting biases from press censorship have confounded our studies of where attacks occur.
BRP's dealerships will now offer powersports enthusiasts more riding gear variety with a BRP-exclusive Can-Am clothing line, the GoFAS Racing Team Collection, as well as Kappa-Kombat Technical and Casual Gear.
Can-Am will be primary sponsor for 13 races on the GoFAS No.