GOFOGold Forward Offered Rate
GOFOGeneral Officer/Flag Officer
GOFOGreenville Organic Food Organization (Greenville, SC)
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This was a 'must-win' game for the GOFOs as they had previously lost the first game of a best-of-three series on January 28, 2016.
A total of five foreign military attaches played in the game as augmentees to both the Commando and GOFO squads.
The second game of the 2016 series will take place in late May, with the GOFOs needing to win by 4 goals if they are to reclaim the coveted prize.
COURTESY UNPOSED) CLOCKWISE FROM TOP OF PAGE: Esprit de Corps Commandos and GOFOs post-game.
Lame duck player of the game was Captain Jorge Parga of Chile, and Major-General Al Meinzinger won the top honour for the GOFOs.
Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada, who also served a referee between the GOFOs and the Lame Ducks, performs the ceremonial puck drop between team captains Chief of Defence Staff Gen Jonathan Vance and Germany's military attache LCol Rail Heimrich.
While the GOFOs and the Lame Ducks square off against each other a couple of times annually for fun, every second year they take things to the next level by making the game a fundraiser.
Trying to open things up and get back in the game, a hard-driving GOFO attack was broken up inside the blue line and turned back up the ice by the Commandos.
The shutout was avoided and GOFO pride was restored.
As the buzzer sounded to end the second period, the hanging heads on the GOFO bench indicated they knew they were in a deep hole.
Throughout the first period, the GOFOs outshot and out-chanced a startled Commando squad.
Sensing his team was lucky to be in the lead, Young advised the winded Commandos that, given the scare the GOFOs had given them in the first period, they would need to step up their level of play in the second.