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GOHGuest of Honor
GOHGod of Highschool (manga)
GOHGlenn O. Hawbaker, Inc. (Pennsylvania)
GOHGeography of Hope
GOHGeoworks Header
GOHGovernment of Haiti
GOHNuuk, Greenland (Airport Code)
GOHGainsborough Old Hall (UK)
GOHGift of Hope
GOHGarments on Hanger
GOHGovernment Owned Housing
GOHGuard of Honor (Singapore)
GOHGet Outta Here
GOHGloves of Haste (gaming)
GOHGuilds of Hyppos (Warcraft III; video game)
GOHGeneral Overhaul (mass transit vehicles)
GOHGods on Heroin (band)
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The data was analyzed based on the concept of GOH within the social space, which could evidence a possible "genesis amnesia" (9), or a process of forgetting the origins, which in this case led to shutting off the space where one might have developed the desired counter-hegemony (10,16) within the area of struggle, as per Gramsci.
GOH emerged when a group of dentists included GOH and OHP practices in the Sao Paulo Institute of Health.
This work was did not represent any type of rupture or breakthrough, nor did it help consolidate GOH.
The group from Sao Paulo was responsible for most of the contributions that led to the emergence of the scientific sub-space of GOH.
Position, disposition and position taking: GOH, GH, SUS
The view of GOH that prevails among them is a breach with the dental practices developed in the 1980s.
However, it soon transpired that the sloping floor in the GOH made the theatre unsuitable for a bowling alley and these plans were abandoned, though the conversion into a cinema did take place.
Rank-Odeon's primary intention for the GOH and the Royal Hippodrome was to turn them into a cinema complex, though an agreement between Eveleigh and the then Lord Mayor of Belfast, Sir Robert Kinahin, was made whereby the GOH would still be utilised for twelve weeks of live shows throughout the year (PRONI AC/12/3: Montgomery to Eveleigh, 6 April 1966).
While Eveleigh bemoaned the obligation to cater for local companies, the GOH was not an entirely successful cinema either.
By 1972, the impact of the Troubles combined with the unsuitability of the GOH as a cinema prompted Rank-Odeon to cut their losses and close the venue.
The society campaigned heavily for notable buildings to be salvaged and restored, and in 1974 the GOH was among the first spate of buildings to be listed, with the UAHS drawing attention to the "intrinsic merit of the interior of the building and also the importance of preserving an amenity of this nature for the benefit of the community in Northern Ireland" [UAHS 29 March 74].
As the GOH remained closed throughout the 1970s NIOT (as GOSNI had been renamed in 1970) maintained a nomadic existence, performing in several different venues throughout the province.