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GOITGuide to Going Out in Toronto (database website; Canada)
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Probably every mountaintop in Santa Clarita has a stack of bees on it," Goit said.
Unlike bee colonies that are moved from farm to farm, bees that stay in the valley are more healthy because their food source is varied and untainted by pesticides, Goit said.
Nowadays, about half the beekeeping business in the Santa Clarita Valley is for honey production, and the rest is dedicated to agricultural pollination, Goit said.
In other words, they seek autonomy, rights to self-determination if not independent states such as the Janatantrik Tarai Mukti Morcha (JTMM) fractions led by Jay Krishna's Goit and Jwala Singh are demanding.
goIT is TCS' signature community engagement program, where its employees, partners and educators teach computer programming, design theory, robotics, and app development.
goIT is an in-class, hands-on curriculum for grade eight and nine students to learn about computer programming, coding and robotics, and gain an understanding of possible careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.
goIT programs are helping students see the connections between their studies, the world beyond high school and their future careers, said Liz Sandals, Minister of Education.
In 2009, TCS launched the goIT program in the US to address the problem of decreasing university enrolment in STEM related careers.
Goit added, We hope the import will return to normal soon so that we can avoid scarcity from deepening further.
Yr oedd ei dad yn swyddog ar y goits fawr o'r Amwythig i Fachynlleth a redai dros Fwlch y Fedwen.
We see a peaceful agricultural society with its farming and handlooms transformed by entrepreneurial mill owners and 'new' technologies, who carved the landscape to build industrial complexes served by the dams, waterwheels, weirs and goits that still give the area its character.
The Environment Agency is appealing for help from historians, landowners and communities in the Calder Valley to help produce a detailed map of old land drains, goits and mill ponds to determine whether they could be brought back into use to aid the fight against flooding.