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GOMGulf Of Mexico
GOMGulf of Maine (Includes watersheds in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts)
GoMGroup of Ministers
GOMGovernment of Malawi
GOMGovernment Of Mexico
GOMGrumpy Old Man
GoMGrumpy old Men (movie and Danish gaming clan)
GOMGrand Old Man (British prime minister William Ewart Gladstone)
GOMGross Operating Margin
GOMGhosts of Mars (movie)
GOMGovernment of Moldova
GOMGesellschaft für Organisationsentwicklung und Mediengestaltung (German: Joint Consultative Body for Co-Financing Organisations)
GOMGod's Own Medicine (band)
GOMGod's Own Medicine (aka opium)
GOMGet Off Me
GOMGovernment-Owned Material
GOMGlobal Order Management
GOMGeneral of Marines
GOMGovernment Instrument Market
GoMGods of Mortality (gaming clan)
GOMGay Oriental Male
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Capture 3D, headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, was founded in 1997 as the North American partner for GOM Germany.
In 2009, the GOM established an integrated alternative development program in the cannabis growing regions of the country, devoting more than $70 million U.
is an independent public company engaged in the exploration, development and production of natural gas and oil in the shallow waters of the GOM Shelf and onshore in the Gulf Coast area.
SCH or GOM at concentrations up to 100 [micro]M did not alter cellular GSH level (p>0.
Andrew Cuffley, of GOM UK, said the system used to create the model of the rocking horse could be applied to other products.
The GOM is a party to the 1988 UN Drug Convention and the UN Convention against Corruption.
The GOM is concerned that Morocco's importance as a transit country is increasing, particularly for cocaine originating in South America and moving through West African states to Europe.
The report compares the reserves, production, investments and economics of upstream operations in shallow and deep waters of GOM offshore to explain the attractiveness of deep waters projects and the shifting focus of ICOs from shallow to deep waters.
The Deepwater GOM acquisition was funded with proceeds from the previously reported sale of FM O&G s Eagle Ford Shale assets, which closed on June 20, 2014.
A subsidiary of the company has agreed to suspend a GOM contract and has entered into a new multi-well international commitment with a subsidiary of Murphy Exploration and Production Company.
The GOM points to this statistic as an indication of success in its counternarcotics efforts.
GOM is the owner of the Brazilian Spur Pipeline (San Matias--Cuiaba) that supplies natural gas to the Mario Cova Thermoelectric Power Plant.