GOMCGulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment (established in 1989)
GOMCGet Off My Case
GOMCGreater Ozark Mustang Club (Missouri)
GOMCGrumpy Old Men's Club (Australia)
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As MBA students, the class was familiar with writing business plans, executive summaries, and recommendations, and readily grasped the structure provided by the GOMC for the reports.
The GOMC grade was worth 30 percent of the overall course grade.
The GOMC provides educators with a ready-made project that allows students to gain experience working on a real-world business problem with business people.
We believe that the GOMC delivers on both counts, given that AdWords is a working marketing platform and that the campaign is limited to three weeks.
GOMC projects are also scalable to any class size by dividing the students into teams of four to six members.
This echoes much of our experience and further highlights the value of GOMC projects which provide closed-end assignments with well-defined scope.
GOMC projects touch on major MIS course topics such as e-commerce, project management, the strategic use of technology, IS usability, and ethics, just to name a few.
Although being able to change a client's Website was not a requirement for the GOMC, students soon realized that the content of a Webpage chosen as a landing page impacted their advertising costs.
A major downside of using GOMC in a course (as opposed to a student club, for example) is the course material that is given less time in order to make room for the GOMC.