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GOPGrand Old Party (US Republican political party)
GOPGroup Of Pictures (MPEG)
GOPGovernment Of the People
GOPGovernment of Pakistan
GOPGod's Own Party (slang for US Republican party)
GOPGross Operating Profit
GOPGovernment of Panama
GOPGet Out and Push
GOPGallant Old Party (original meaning)
GOPGazi Osman Pasa (Istanbul City suburb)
GOPGrundlagen- und Orientierungsprüfung
GOPGuidelines for Operational Planning (NATO)
GOPGestion des Opérations et de la Production
GOPGood Operating Practice
GOPGeneral Outpost
GOPGlobal Operating Plan
GOPGeneral Operating Procedure
GOPGods of Plastic (Ultimate Frisbee team)
GOPGestión Organizacional de Proyectos (Spanish: Organizational Project Management)
GOPGame On Pause (forum)
GOPGround Observer Post
GOPGauntlet of Power (item found in D&D-type games)
GOPGenerator Oil Pressure
GOPGhosts of Perdition (gaming clan)
GOPGas, Oil and Petrol
GOPGlobalization of Production
GOPGround Operating Procedure (US DoD)
GOPGovernment of Portugal
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If the GOP plans to cut spending--without touching Social Security or raising taxes--the majority of poor and working-class blacks will face a lean future with a frayed safety net, according to some political observers.
Del Junco, a former state GOP chairman, is a fine man - but he doesn't have much of a following in Iowa or New Hampshire.
Although she concedes that the GOP is not popular with most young blacks, she says there are a growing number of polished young black Republicans who believe that "there should be people of vision on both sides of the political spectrum.
But feelings among some in the GOP run high against unity, if it means backing someone who's not sufficiently conservative.
The GOP will be responsible for the operation and management of the new portal once it is completed.
GOP began the ISO 9001 certification process in the first quarter of 2010.
So let's be careful about letting the GOP control the language.
The American people do not want to stay the course, and they view the problem as extending beyond the president himself to the GOP congressmen who have had majority control of both houses of Congress in recent years.
The GOP leaders said they also want to address woes afflicting California's horse-racing industry.
Kabel's election marks the first time an openly gay man is leading the equivalent of a statewide GOP body.
The Education and the Workforce Committee in the House of Representatives held at least seven hearings, and GOP Committee members have introduced eight separate HEA bills that ultimately can be merged into one comprehensive measure.