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GOPGrand Old Party (US Republican political party)
GOPGroup Of Pictures (MPEG)
GOPGovernment Of the People
GOPGovernment of Pakistan
GOPGod's Own Party (slang for US Republican party)
GOPGross Operating Profit
GOPGovernment of Panama
GOPGet Out and Push
GOPGallant Old Party (original meaning)
GOPGazi Osman Pasa (Istanbul City suburb)
GOPGrundlagen- und Orientierungsprüfung
GOPGuidelines for Operational Planning (NATO)
GOPGestion des Opérations et de la Production
GOPGood Operating Practice
GOPGeneral Outpost
GOPGlobal Operating Plan
GOPGeneral Operating Procedure
GOPGods of Plastic (Ultimate Frisbee team)
GOPGestión Organizacional de Proyectos (Spanish: Organizational Project Management)
GOPGame On Pause (forum)
GOPGround Observer Post
GOPGauntlet of Power (item found in D&D-type games)
GOPGenerator Oil Pressure
GOPGhosts of Perdition (gaming clan)
GOPGas, Oil and Petrol
GOPGlobalization of Production
GOPGround Operating Procedure (US DoD)
GOPGovernment of Portugal
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GOP leadership in California is so lily-white it might as well be 1958.
Mary Landrieu's re-election bid), in which President Bush personally took an active role in shaping the GOP field.
For instance, McCain's campaign boasts more openly gay officials than any other GOP presidential campaign in history.
Texas had already produced its map for the decade, but in 2002 DeLay, sensing opportunity, had directed more than $3 million into state elections in a successful effort to put the legislature wholly in GOP control.
John McCain gets the GOP nomination "You know," Robertson says on CNN, "we're not under the obligation to put out any literature for anybody.
McConnell understood at the time that many GOP senators feared the end of soft money but were afraid of the negative publicity that opposing McCain's crusade would bring.
The line-up of dignitaries at the "Road to Victory" Conference was a who's who of GOP luminaries, ranging from Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott to House Speaker Dennis Hastert.
But after squeaking through the November general elections, which saw the GOP majority in the House drop to six seats, Republicans of all shapes and sizes are trying to stay focused on winning in 2000.
The GOP does fairly well among them, claiming about 40 percent.
Richardson is thrilled by the GOP victory and predicts it will eventually help transform the Congressional Black Caucus from an ultra-liberal Democratic majority group to a more conservative bipartisan organization.
Will column in the fall ran under the headline, "Timid GOP Not Ready for Prime Time.
Gray Davis in exchange for Schwarzenegger, who promised while campaigning to ``put a spending cap on those guys'' and later told GOP legislators he would rather place an even tougher cap on the November 2004 ballot than back down.