GOPAGroup of Policy Advisers (European Commission)
GOPAGloucestershire Older Persons' Assembly (Gloucester, UK)
GOPAGallery of Photographic Arts (Cleveland, OH)
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With the help of our partner GOPA we are deploying SAP TM -the most robust platform we have seen- to gain agility, reliability and flexibility in our business processes," said Miguel Angel Diez, CIO of Panalon, a leader in the multi-modal transport sector.
This contract was awarded to the consortium, consisting of Unisys Belgium, the Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology, GOPA Cartermill and the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, after a public call for tender.
The programme works closely with the German consulting firm GOPA Consultants in the field of financial management.
The project is being implemented jointly with GOPA Consultants, among others.
GIZ has commissioned GOPA to provide the service package in the field of local private-sector development/DEL.
Krishna and Radha together with a group of gopis and gopas (cowherds) are seated on Mount Govardhan and are shielded from the downpour by a large "umbrella"--that seems here to symbolize the miracle by which Krishna lifted the entire mountain to shield the people and cattle of Vrindavan from the downpour sent by Indra.