GOPEGeodetic Observatory Pecny
GOPEGrupo Operaciones Policiales Especiales (Spanish: Police Special Operations Group; Chile)
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The annual signal has the highest amplitude and is easily identified for both LAMA and GOPE series.
Data for the GOPE station was taken via project LM2010008--CzechGeo EPOS.
The velocity estimation was performed applying minimum constraint condition on a priori ITRF2008 coordinates and velocities of EPN class A stations (BOR1, GOPE, GRAZ, PENC, POTS, WROC, WTZR).
2 TUBO BISK WROC GOPE ZYWI TRF2 velocity (mm/y) -0.
Using the Saastamoinen model (Saastamoinen, 1973) and values of atmospheric pressure and temperature precisely measured at GOPE, the extraction of ZWD from ZTD in 30-minute intervals was performed.
Extensions appear in respect to the points ZYWI and BISK--almost 1 mm/year, while in respect to the points WROC and GOPE there are only insignificant compressions (-0.
Monitored GPS data sampled in 30 sec intervals were processed jointly with data of the permanent EPN station GOPE.
2a, which was installed on the Geodetic Observatory PecnY GOPE (Czech Republic, 49.
Firstly the positions in particular realizations of ITRF (for the campaign epoch) were computed from 24 hours epoch observations with constraining of ZLNA to surrounding EPN stations GOPE, WROC, and TUBO.
But Trump lent his name and the national GOPEs resources to MooreEs campaign in recent days.
Voters face the decision of whether to vote for Moore, accused of sexual misconduct with teenagers decades ago when he was a county prosecutor, or sending Jones to Washington, which would narrow the GOPEs already precarious majority in the Senate.