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GOREGoal-Oriented Requirement Engineering
GOREGothenburg-Oslo Rail Express
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Mogolwane yo o ne a tlhalosetsa morafe gore e rile ka 2016 ba lemoga fa dikgaolwana tse dingwe di setse di godile di tlhokana le dikomiti tsa ditlhabololo tsa motse, nngwe ya tsone e le kgaolwana ya Ghanzi Borwa.
Gore points out that atmospheric carbon dioxide is increasing and that this will lead to rising temperatures worldwide.
Bush held up a copy and declared that Gore "calls autoworkers his friends, but in his book, he declares that the engines that power your cars are his enemy.
As we now know, this design befuddled thousands of voters, who may have voted for Pat Buchanan when they meant to vote for Gore.
During the campaign, the Republican party consistently referred to Gore as a liar, and the media perpetuated that impression.
On the eve of the presidential election, Al Gore capped two straight days of campaigning without sleep with a massive outdoor rally in South Beach, a heavily gay and lesbian enclave just outside Miami.
The judge was listening to the reasons Gore had contested (challenged) Florida's election results.
The state of Florida is too close to call," Gore said, citing new data showing that instead of 50,000 votes, Bush's lead had dwindled to 1,200 votes, or less than one 30th of one percent of the 5.
It would be a "terrible mistake" to vote for Nader, since it will take votes from Al Gore and help George W.
The Gore campaign advertisement is the most expensive salvo yet in an unexpected battle over Medicaid being waged in the two-person Democratic nomination campaign.
Gore was obviously impressed by the work the Christian Women's Job Corps had done--so much so that he's calling for government to begin entering into "partnerships" with houses of worship to address a variety of social ills, from drug addiction and child abuse to chronic unemployment and homelessness.