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GOTEGreater of Two Evils
GOTEGathering Of The Elite
GOTEGone Over The Edge (gaming clan)
GOTEGoal, Obstacle, Tactics, Expectation (acting theory)
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Where had GOTE been during the four decades of our marriage?
90) uf genade ich aber wil gotes und guoter liute ein latinisch buoch ze diute gerne bringen, (Konrad von Heimesfurt, Diu urstende, 44-47) [Con mi mejor voluntad quiero yo, para la buena gente de Dios, un libro del latin al aleman traducir,]
It should also be viewed that privatization is not a means to get rid of the problems of GOTEs, because it is not the case.
Gotes Catalanes is soft, spreadable goat cheese mixed with fresh garlic and parsley and hand-rolled into little drops and packaged in glass jars or bulk.
Disomics Homozy- ([dagger]) Hetero- gotes Chromosome Tester 1B zygotes MA/Te Total MA1 1[B.
A Francisco de la Pena, Eduardo Gotes y nuevamente a Tania porque, a traves de charlas y conversaciones, me estimulan ver lo que generalmente no se acostumbra.
As an example of the first, I could mention "Que l'aigua no ens arribi al coll" (Let's Try to Stay Afloat), "A veure si trobem la jeia" (Let's Try to Find Our Niche), or those in which the humorous distortion is implicit in the title, such as "Com dues -- o mes -- gotes d'aigua" (Like Two -- or More -- Drops of Water) or "Olla per a tots els grills," where the original meaning of "olla de grills" as a dissonant but recognizable human group becomes a metaphor for a completely chaotic melting-pot.