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GOTSGlobal Organic Textile Standard (Oregon Tilth; Salem, OR)
GOTSGovernment Off-The-Shelf
GOTSGoal of the Season
GOTSGame of the Show (gaming expos)
GOTSGeneral Occupational/Technical Studies (academic degree)
GOTSGross Opportunity To See
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For GOTS, 2016 was a revision year resulting in the release of GOTS Version 5.
The GOTS standard has developed in a multi-stakeholder process, which allows an organization to build its reputation and improve its standing at the same time.
The originating commercial organization may attempt to restrict use of the proprietary-based COTS product and even an enhanced GOTS product in order to assert a competitive advantage in a downstream procurement with the objective and intended outcome of locking in a sole-source contract.
Life-cycle costs for maintenance and replacement of commercial devices may be greater in the long run than if a GOTS solution is used.
This free GOTS software, developed by the Navy, requires a PC with a 128-megabyte graphics card.
Figure 5 shows the performance of the three DARPA systems compared to the GOTS system.
COTS, GOTS or modified COTS - Which is right for you when you are dealing with the security of your systems?
The organic clothes are manufactured at the ISO, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), OE 100 Certified factory at Tirupur.
Increment 2 introduces the WIN-T net-centric NetOps architecture, introduces capabilities required for effective management and control of a mobile-ad-hoc network, and begins the integration of the stand-alone COTS and GOTS products.
Its predecessor, GOTS Delta, was built on the Windows NT architecture and defined as the standard by the IT-21 initiative.
This was the time when standards such as GOTS were developed that accounted for the entire textile production from procurement of raw material to the final product.