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GOTTGovernment of Trinidad and Tobago
GOTTGalactic Organisation of Trade & Tariffs (Kiddy Grade Anime television series)
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When it thunders, the April baby says, "There's lieber Gott scolding those angels again.
I was glad it was only kittens this time, for she had been once before this afternoon on purpose, as she informed me, sitting herself down on the grass at my feet, to ask about the lieber Gott, it being Sunday and her pious little nurse's conversation having run, as it seems, on heaven and angels.
Her questions about the lieber Gott are better left unrecorded, and I was relieved when she began about the angels.
But, then, where does lieber Gott buy their dwesses?
But you said yesterday, when I asked about lieber Gott, that you would tell about Him on Sunday, and it is Sunday.
Once upon a time there was Adam and Eva, and they had plenty of clothes, and there was no snake, and lieber Gott wasn't angry with them, and they could eat as many apples as they liked, and was happy for ever and ever--there now
But Bertran, he haf killed Bimi mit sooch dings as Gott gif him.
GOTT IM HIMMEL, ABER, how he has been able to sing twenty-five years ago?
A tall, bird-like young man with a small head, a long nose, and very pale hair, with his hands full of things like shaving-strops, boot-trees, hair-brushes, and toilet tidies, was saying things about Gott and thunder and Dummer Booteraidge as Bert entered.
However, in consideration of the happy chance that mate you the instrument unter Gott of this Pooterage flying-machine reaching his Highness's hand, you haf been spared.
But he haf der beautiful body--ach, Gott, der beautiful body
Marske United: Dean, Rowbotham, O'Sullivan, Butterworth, Carling, Wheatley, Liddle, Gott, Earl, Roberts, Round Subs: Bulmer, Wood, Brockbank, Clark Bradford Town: Greaves, Moon (Morris), Chandler, Fletcher, Scott, Peck, Wall, Cottle, Rendell, Monks, Jordan Subs: Lenihan, Davies, Shanley, Hailston